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At Gate5, we have vast experience producing and directing beauty videos for makeup and cosmetics, hair and skin care clients which is why we’re a top beauty videographer in Los Angeles!

Tutorial videos are one of the most watched types of videos online and are a fantastic trust builder with customers and driver of sales. Two-thirds of all YouTube traffic goes there looking for tutorial videos to help solve their problems! Your customers are there and you should be too.

We have a solution for every budget from simple social media productions that can be completed by a one-person crew on up to full productions for commercials.

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Hire the experts!

We’re expert at creating video ads for Facebook and Instagram in addition to videos that will live on your website or youtube. If you’re looking to make videos to run on as ads on social media sites, it’s best to optimize the video and shoot and edit it with a square 1:1 aspect ratio on mind.

Square videos on Facebook and Instagram have proven to get more views, likes and engagement than horizontal 16×9 videos do. The key is to film in 4k in the 16×9 mode, while maintaining safe framing for the 1:1 aspect ratio. Filming in 4k gives you a little more opportunity to reframe in editing for the square aspect. Then for your website and on youtube, we can then edit a 16×9 (or wider) version of the videos.

Beauty videos are usually shot in a studio or interior location but have you ever shot at the beach? The answer is probably no since it’s certainly not ideal for beauty but it is possible. Read our blog, How To Shoot Beauty At The Beach to learn how we did it.

Learn about our our shoot for our eco-fashion film, Beauty and The Beach.

Need monthly social media content?

Need beauty videos on a monthly basis? We can provide cost effective monthly production plans for clients who need to post original and new content on a weekly and monthly basis. We can tailor a plan that fits your monthly budget while keeping quality high and communication with you easy breezy. Our aim as a top makeup videographer service is to have us feel like we are your in-house video production department!

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Despite the cookie-cutter approach others may take, if you need monthly video content, there is no one-size-fits all and we’ll customize a solution specifically for you. As a starting point, check out our monthly plans.

For more tips and advice, this article from Falcon.IO contains some useful information to keep in mind when creating your video ads for social media. It has some common logic things, like ‘grab their attention early’ – never heard that before when it comes to internet video but it’s a quick and worthwhile read.

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Gate5 is a creative video agency and full service video production company in Los Angeles producing high quality video content for the web, your social media outlets, kiosks and broadcast television.

We conceptualize, write scripts, direct, cast, film and edit viral videos, branded films, product and promotional videos, web and TV commercials, episodic content and live video streaming production.

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