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We take on the risk of you hiring us

Only pay a per photo cost for the photos you want – no session fees – with no obligation!

That’s right. We don’t charge for photo shoots!** You only pay a per photo fee for each photo you want and there’s no obligation for you to buy any!

After the the shoot we’ll send you watermarked photos and if you don’t want to use any of them, then you walk away without paying a penny! If there are photos you want to use, then you only pay a per photo cost.

The per photo cost varies based on the unique needs of each shoot and will be determined after discussing it with you and deciding on the ideal number of edited frames that you would like to get out of the shoot. A per photo cost cannot be determined without discussing your requirements.

**This offer only applies to our photographer/retouching services. If a Makeup-Hair Artist, Stylist or studio rental is needed, we can arrange for them and the Client can pay directly for these services.

Need a full production with concept development, casting, models, locations, wardrobe stylists, makeup-hair artists, assistants, etc.? Then no problem – that’s what we normally do and can give you a quote for that. The “only pay for photos you like” offer is our special offer for simpler shoots that can be accomplished by a crew of one.

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Gate5 provides commercial, fashion, beauty and lifestyle photography in Los Angeles and commercial video production.

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