for brands that need to post content on a weekly or monthly basis

Social media has a voracious appetite. You need to keep feeding the beast to stay relevant and keep your customers engaged and keep the buzz going. Producing one or two videos a year or even a handful doesn’t cut it and your brand will go stale and will be viewed as inactive. But full service video production is expensive.  To solve the problem of how to create a lot of high quality videos cost effectively, we offer monthly social media video production plans.

Our monthly plans are perfect for brands needing new and high quality content weekly or monthly. We can produce a variety of content ideal for all of your social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others and in the various aspect ratios they require, i.e, 16×9, 1×1, 4×5, 9×16, etc.

Try us for 1 month with no obligation

Try us for a month with no obligation. After the first month if you do not want to continue with a monthly plan, then our work together is complete and we hope you’ll hire us again for more one-off projects.

If you would like to continue after the first month, then a 4 month commitment is required to secure the package rates. Otherwise regular rates apply. All plans include producing high quality content.

We’ll create a custom monthly production package tailored specifically for your needs. In the past we tried offering plans that included pre-determined production elements and found out they never worked since each client had vastly different needs so we scrapped them.

Monthly production packages will be based on what’s included in terms of labor, equipment and 3rd party items if needed. The more a plan includes, the higher the cost will be.

We can film anywhere in the LA area at Client provided locations. 3rd party locations and/or studios can be rented for filming when needed.

Create, post, engage!

Monthly Video Production Plans include: 

  • Strategy and pre-production consultation
  • Experienced Director/Producer
  • 4k camera package, lenses, pro sound and lighting
  • Editing includes: Editing/Color Grading/Audio Mixing/Video Effects/Titles
  • Use of our owned stock footage/photos/graphics
  • Licensed music

Below are a few examples of videos that can be produced monthly with small crews.

Go to our video samples here.

Gate5 is a full service, one-stop shop video production service provider in Los Angeles. We specialize in branded content, web commercials, product demo videos, social media, explainer videos, promotional and training videos, fashion films, episodic series, TV commercials, Direct Response TV and Infomercials and live video streaming production of events.

We handle everything in-house: concepts, scriptwriting, casting, locations, directing, shooting, editing, graphics and animation and create innovative media for world class clients across diverse industries and we’ve been doing it for years. Our clients are large corporations, small businesses and advertising agencies.

Contact us to see how we can help your brand with monthly social media video production or photography.