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Product Video Production: Tips for Making it Compelling

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Product video production is an excellent way to connect with potential customers and drive sales. An effective video will inform and inspire the viewer to give you their attention and buy your product. Videos can increase conversions by 80% according to a Forbes article. Many video production companies in Los Angeles consider product demo or how to tutorial videos to be one of the most effective forms of video to exist.

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Everything but the kitchen sink

Don’t do this. Be concise. Don’t try to do too much. It can be tempting for a business to want to give all the information that relates to a certain topic in their video. Get to the core of what you want to say in the video – and that should be why the product will make the customer’s life better or easier. 

Grab the audience right off the bat in the first five seconds by stating what problem the product is solving and promise the solution. Or start with a surprising statistic or fact. Another option is to start with the phrase, “What if…” or “Imagine…” and then get right into the solution – your product and how it works.

Give context by showing how it will enrich your customer’s lives. Keep the video to two minutes or less. An exception to the two minute rule is when more time is needed because the product is more complex and/or more context is needed. 

Show and tell

Unlike a branding commercial that might be highly conceptual or artistic, a product video should be specific and descriptive and get right to the point. Pretend you’re in the third grade and it’s show and tell time.

If you’re too conceptual or vague and viewers don’t know what you’re selling then they probably won’t be inspired to become customers. It’s simple: show your product and tell your customers about it.

Inject some personality

No one wants to watch a brochure. People will tune out if you just list the technical aspects of a product. So don’t be afraid to use a product video to showcase your brand’s identity, whether you use humor, a light-hearted tone or a deeply emotional story.

Decide on tone during the brainstorming and script development phase of pre-production with your product videographer along with what format the video will take. The format can be live action with a voice over and/or hired actors, use company staff to be on-camera or by feature a customer and her/his story. Showing the brand’s identity is a great way to differentiate your product and brand from the competition.

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Include a call-to-action

Once the video comes to an end, make it easy for the viewer to purchase your product or service. Include a call-to-action or what the next step is you want them to take. If someone watches the entire video, they’re probably pretty interested in what you’re offering. Include a link to your shop or where the viewer can get further information or include an email capture.

Make a connection

Talk to your audience and not at them. The goal is to start a conversation with a potential customer so do your best to connect with the human on the other side of the screen.

To sum up, to make a compelling product demo video production be specific and direct, get creative, and be human. Simple tips that video production companies in Los Angeles know and follow. 

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