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Desert Location Scouting

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I went desert location scouting for an upcoming fashion film. This was my second scouting trip with a few more to go since I didn’t find what I was looking for here.

Looking for nothing

Seeking a completely desolate area to film in for a story about an alien that crashes her spacecraft and is lost in the middle of nowhere, I came across this abandoned stone house ruins in the high desert in Southern California.

You could see buildings and houses off in the distance so it wouldn’t work for my film but it would make for a great location for something else.

abandoned stone house in desert 2
Location scouting with film director Greg McDonald

In fact, I liked it so much I’m going to look for a reason to shoot here. I have a scene in mind from another script that these ruins would be perfect for so I guess I’m just going to have to make that script.

I always enjoy desert location scouting and most location scouting for that matter and I usually want to do it myself. Of course for low budget projects you pretty much have to do it yourself as there’s no budget to pay a scout when the budget is tight.

Location scouting with film director Greg McDonald

But that’s okay because for me, the location is often crucial to the story. It’s not always the case but when it is, I prefer to scout. I’m also pretty good at it I might add. I have a knack for finding off-beat places that haven’t been used a million times in movies and TV shows. I seem to have many fortunate accidents when it comes to finding just the right spot to film at.

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Location scouting with film director Greg McDonald

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