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Creepy Location Scouting

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It’s behind me… what the? Ahhhh!! Don’t worry. I’m okay. It was nothing. I just stepped on a discarded bag of potato chips. The noise scared me a bit. My little venture into some creepy location scouting at the old LA zoo in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.

I was checking it out for a possible photo shoot. There have been a ton of shoots at the old zoo and in the end I didn’t wind up shooting there. I usually don’t like locations that are over used as much as the old zoo is. Although, with some work and ingenuity you could give the old caves where they used to keep the animals a new spin and it could make for a great location for a dark or apocalyptic themed shoot. 

The caves are cool and there are some steep stairs at the back of the caves that lead up to a trail in the back. The stairs would be a good place to shoot but I think only one is open, most are fenced off. And of course, one thing you’d have to deal with is there’s usually a lot of people so you’d have to work around them. So it would be possible to get a unique look here at the old zoo with a little work and trying to pick a day when there aren’t a lot of people.

P.S. I think this is one of my better selfies. I’m getting better at them even though I despise selfies for the most part.

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