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Corporate Video Production Post Covid 19: Portability and Efficiency

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What will the post Covid 19 corporate video production world look like? To sum it up, the bigger your crew is the more it’s going to cost in time and money to follow all of the new safety precautions.

Los Angeles county has issued it’s safety protocols to allow filming to be re-started and they will not be easy or cheap to implement for bigger crews. This article by Deadline sums up the guidelines pretty well. The LA County website has a PDF with the complete guidelines.

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Keep it small

While movie and TV production will be struggling with all the guidelines due to the typically large size of most film and TV shoots, the typical corporate video production should keep it small.

When looking to produce things like product videos, interviews, testimonials, social media content, executive and customer profile videos focus your creative on content that can be executed with a small cast and crew.

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Having a crew of 2-5 people and a cast of 1-2 will make all the difference in being able to follow safety guidelines easily. The magic number is to keep the total to less than 10. If you can do that, it shouldn’t cause any significant increase in cost or filming time needed.

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New gear for the new era

The Coronavirus pandemic and economic shut down along with these new safety protocols for filming has made us here at Gate5 re-evaluate how we can reduce our filming footprint while continuing to produce high quality content.

The goal was to create a portable filming package that would allow us to produce the same high quality that we always provide only with lighter and smaller equipment and crew. We’ve always had a fairly portable package for small shoots when needed, but there was room for improvement.

Obviously, you’re going to have commercial productions and scripts that require more gear and bigger crews and we’ll be producing those projects. My focus here is how in the post Covid-19 environment, can we reduce the possibility of transmitting the virus on a typical small corporate video shoot by reducing the crew needed.

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So with portability and efficiency in mind, we put together what we think is a gear package that packs a lot of punch while keeping it small and nimble. The key was going with all LED lights including some that are on flat mat that can be mounted just about anywhere and swapping out some bulkier items like tripods, stands, etc with new lighter versions.

Big ideas, small crew! That’s the way to stay safe while reaching your busines goals with corporate video production in the post Covid-19 world.

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