Best Comedy Film

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Director Greg McDonald and actress Kaitlyn Clare winning Best Comedy Film and Audience Choice Award
Writer-Director Greg McDonald and actress Kaitlyn Clare, winning Best Comedy Film and Audience Choice Award for their comedy sci-fi, Nowhere In The Universe

Best Comedy Film and Audience Choice Award winners at the Los Angeles Underground Film Forum for the film, Nowhere In The Universe, a sci-fi comedy about how some lines can never be crossed no matter how desperate you are.

Keeping with the ‘underground’ theme, the festival was low-key but it was a lot of fun hanging out with Kaitlyn Clare, who played the alien in the film, and actor Brandon Bernath. I saw a couple of films I really liked and got to meet some cool people.

Nowhere In The Universe got a great response from the audience which is so much more satisfying to experience in person vs. getting a couple likes online. It was a surprise winning a couple of awards and now it’s on to the next one!

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