Nowhere In The Universe

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Nowhere in the Universe is a sci-fi fashion comedy film directed by Greg McDonald about desperation – no matter how desperate you become, some lines can never be crossed.

Update: it won Best Comedy Film and Audience Choice Award at the LA Underground Film Forum! It’s also a semi-finalist in Cinefest LA.

The location

We shot this in two different locations in the high desert, one near Twentynine Palms and the other about 30 minutes north of Amboy, home to the famous route 66 pit stop, Roy’s Motel & Cafe.

It turned out to be quite a challenge finding a location that would work. It had to look like there was absolutely no civilization around – there couldn’t be any buildings, telephone poles or anything else within sight. Or at least what we could see on camera. It’s surprising how much civilization there is in the desert when you don’t want it. It’s kind of like a location always seems quiet until you want to shoot there. I think I took 4-5 trips out to different parts of the desert before I found these two places.

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The shoot

Before the shoot we had a test day with the alien makeup and prosthetics. We couldn’t do a complete look beforehand as it would ruin the prosthetics or at least make them very difficult to stick to the face properly later on the day of the shoot. The test was a big help and it gave us an idea of what we would have to do the day of the shoot in terms of the makeup and body paint.

We had a great time making this film with two wonderful actors, Kaitlyn Clare as the alien and Brandon Bernath. The only thing I’d do differently is I wouldn’t shoot in two locations that are almost an hour apart. Ha!

After spending the morning getting the makeup and prosthetics done, we then spent about about an hour and half driving between the two locations. We got what we needed but it would’ve been nice to have just a little more time. However, I do best with limitations so I take it back, we did it just as it was meant to be!

Watch a short timelapse video of the alien makeup being applied and a behind the scenes video.

A behind the scenes photo of the film crew for the comedy, Nowhere in the Universe.
Behind the scenes during the filming of the sci-fi fashion comedy, Nowhere In The Universe

Nowhere In The Universe and The Selfie That Changed The World, written and directed by Greg McDonald are now on Amazon Prime Video.

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