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Natural Beauty

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Natural beauty, a frame from the beauty makeup fashion film, “masque de l’art” directed and shot by Greg McDonald of Gate5, a video production company in Los Angeles.

The film was shot in portrait mode, or vertically and features three looks; natural beauty, color and smoky eyes. It was shot at 5k resolution and mastered in 4k and used for display on public kiosks for several LCD manufacturers to showcase their 7 foot tall (or long) 4k LCD screens. The clients said the video worked great to show off their 4k displays and it got a lot of attention.

What was the idea?

The idea was for it to be a one-light beauty shoot and to have fun with it. It’s sort of a mix between a finished film and a behind the scenes video. Actually, I had intended to only do a still photo shoot. I shot with a Red Dragon camera and was going to pull frames from the footage to retouch rather than use a still camera.

After shooting this set up in the studio we then went outside and found a couple locations to shoot fashion stills with a DSLR. We got lucky as the sun was just right by this time, it was low and the lighting was perfect for a natural light fashion shoot. We also got lucky with locations. There was a great alley with a fence and a red wall that worked out perfect.

I went to a photo shoot and wound up with a film

It wasn’t until the next day when I looked at the footage and I thought – why not make a video. So I did. I was very happy with how it turned out and I was able to license the film to several LCD manufacturers.

Watch the film, masque de l’art.

Visit Greg’s writing-directing site for more of his work.

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