Social Media Video Production

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Social media video production Los Angeles by Gate5. Short and sweet is the key for videos destined for your social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the others. Humor is always a good way to grab attention for your product, service or company in a short amount of time. This humorous seven second clip of models trying to hold their yoga pose long enough until the surfer in the background passes by was taken from footage shot at 6k resolution in wide screen aspect ratio for digital signage content for display in a retail outlet.

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Gate5 is a full service, video production service provider in Los Angeles. We specialize in branded content, web commercials, product demo videos, explainer videos, promotional & training videos, episodic series, TV commercials and Direct Response TV and Infomercials.

We produce, write, direct, shoot, edit, provide graphics and 3D animation and create innovative media for world class clients across diverse industries and we’ve been doing it for years. Our clients are large corporations, small businesses and advertising agencies.

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