You Don’t Like It, You Don’t Pay

No Cost If We Don't Deliver

We take on the risk of hiring us

You don’t like it, you don’t pay. Is this a joke? No. We understand hiring a video production company can be stressful. Their portfolio may look great but you won’t know if they’ll actually come through and deliver the quality you require until after you’ve already committed yourself and spent money.

Well we put our quality where our mouth is with our no risk offer – we’ll produce your video and if you’re not happy with it – you don’t pay anything. This offer applies to any video we can produce where we have no out of pocket expenses and can be done entirely with a 1-person crew using gear that we own and where we are providing a final product.**

The kinds of videos we can produce as a 1-person crew with no out of pocket expenses with gear that we own are simple product demo videos, tutorials, corporate profile videos with interviews and b-roll footage in your office or factory, behind the scenes types of videos and other event videos. Those are just some examples. Contact us to see if your video qualifies for our “You don’t like it. You don’t pay” no risk offer.


The process is exactly the same as our other productions – except you don’t pay anything up front and no progress payments of any kind are needed. We’ll produce and finish your video and show you a watermarked version. If you don’t like it, our business together is done and you walk away without having paid a cent. If you like it, then upon full payment we’ll send a clean master video with no watermark.


  • We discuss with you the goals of the video, who the audience is and what the production requirements and parameters are.

  • We give you a detailed line itemized quote for the production of your video.

  • We shoot and edit the video. We’ll show you watermarked versions in order to get your feedback and changes.

  • After making your changes, we’ll show you the final video which will be watermarked.

  • If you don’t like the video – then we part ways and you don’t pay a penny.
  • If you like the video – then upon full payment as listed in the itemized quote, we will send you all of the agreed upon final deliverable video files with no watermarks.

** Offer is not applicable when we’re hired to just shoot or to just edit. Offer is not applicable on projects where we have any out of pocket costs such as additional crew, additional equipment rentals, location/studio costs, actors, paying a professional voice over, the purchasing of stock footage or music or any other third party costs.

Contact us for further information on our no risk offer.

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