Red Epic Dragon Rental

Red Epic Dragon 6k Camera Rental

in Los Angeles

Dragon Epic-x #125 available for rent for significantly less than what the rental houses charge.  Since it’s our personal camera, it also means that it’s not out constantly on rentals and is very well cared for and maintained.

Main Features
  • 6k resolution, 6144 x 3160 in RAW format
  • 16.5 stops of dynamic range, dial in more with HDRx™
  • Up to 100 frames per second in 6k, 120 fps in 5k, 150 fps in 4k, 200 fps in 3k, 300 fps in 2k.
  • Weight of body with lens mount and SSD module, 5.2 lbs.

Red Epic Dragon 6k package:

  • Red Dragon Epic body with swappable Low Light and Skin-Tone Highlight OLPF , side 1.8″ SSD module
  • Titanium PL mount
  • Canon Titanium mount
  • DSMC Side Handle
  • Module Adaptor
  • Redmote
  • Red Bomb Viewfinder, cable
  • Red 5″ Touchscreen LCD with Hoodman monitor hood, cable
  • 9″ LCD SmallHD DP1x monitor, HDMI, 1280 x 768 resolution, cables
  • (2x) 9″ arms
  • (2x) Red 256GB SSD drives
  • Red Station Redmag 1.8″ SSD reader: esata, USB 3.0 & fw800 cables
  • (2x) 146Wh V-mount batteries
  • 2-bank simultaneousV-mount battery charger
  • Red Quickplate V-mount module (no cable)
  • AC power
  • (12x) Redvolt batteries
  • (6x) single Redvolt chargers, power strip
  • Red Quad Battery Module for Redvolts (allows for continuous hot swap)
  • Red Tactical Top Plate/Cheeseplate
  • Easy Plate, Safety Swat Rail
  • Sliding Top Handle
  • Bottom Epic Mounting Plate
  • DSMC Quick Release Platform
  • (2x) 19mm Universal Mounts
  • Dovetail Mounting Plate (short)
  • (2x) 18″ 19mm rods
  • (2x) 12″ 19mm rods
  • Red Sidewinder
  • (2x) stereo XLR to 3.5mm jack cables
  • 3 BNC-to-00 Sync Cable (timecode, genlock, start/stop trigger)
Other Items for Rent:
Zeiss Contax Primes 

The best kept secret in the Zeiss family of lenses. Zeiss Contax T* prime lenses are optically fantastic, organic, low con yet sharp.  Same T* coatings as Superspeeds and Standards and cut well with them. They’ve been cine-modded by Duclos (declicked, cine focus gears added) with 80mm/77mm thread front caps.  All the lenses are the later MM version so no ninja star bokeh. Each lens has a rock solid, semi-permanent Leitax Canon mount attached.

Made for full frame still cameras so they cover Dragon’s 6k sensor and 5D and any other full frame still or motion camera with a Canon mount.

Very versatile. Small and light so they’re perfect for gimbals or run ‘n’ gun handheld.  All metal with great build quality.  I’ve used them on everything from bright and happy commercials to narrative films to docu-style projects.

  • Zeiss Contax T* 28mm f/2.8
  • Zeiss Contax T* 35mm f/1.4
  • Zeiss Contax T* 50mm f/1.4
  • Zeiss Contax T* 85mm f/1.4
  • Zeiss Contax T* 100mm f/2
  • (2x) .9 ND and (1x) .6 ND Heliopan/Zeiss slim filters
Canon Lenses
  • Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM zoom lens, lens hood
  • Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM zoom lens, lens hood (much sharper and improved image vs. the old Mark I)
  • Miller Compass 25 fluid head with 3-stage/4 section carbon fiber tripod, 100mm ball, holds up to 31 lbs, minimum height 10.2″, max height 79.2″
  • Hi-hat, 100mm
Matte Box
  • RedRock MatteBox, 2-stage 4 x 5.65 swing away, fits both 15mm & 19mm rods, side wings, top eyebrow, set of .3, .6, .9 ND filters
  • Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Mic, Boom Pole, fuzzy windscreen, headphones with 25 ft. extension cable, 25 foot XLR cable
  • On-board mic: Panasonic AJ-MC700 with mount for Epic
Rental Terms

Insurance is required on all Red camera package rentals. For inexpensive items, a deposit equal to the value of the item is required.  The full rental fee is due at pick up. The insurance certificate needs to be sent at least one business day prior to your pick up.  Renter pays all shipping costs if not being pick up locally in LA. If shipping, the rental period is from the time the camera leaves our hands until it returns.

Weekly rates are 3 day weeks. Weekly rentals are 7 calendar days long, e.g., if you pick up on a Monday, it’s due back in on the following Monday to be considered a one week rental.  For weekend rentals, pick up is Friday afternoon with return on Monday morning.  If paying by credit card, paypal or google checkout,  the 3.75% fee they charge will be added to the rental fee.  A deposit (separate from the rental fee) in the amount equal to your equipment insurance deductible is required which will be returned if there is no loss or damage.

A non-refundable deposit equal to 30% of the total rental fee ($300 min.) is required to guarantee and hold the equipment for specific dates.  A deposit isn’t required but without it there’s no guarantee the equipment will be available for your dates. For example, if you have a one day rental I can hold the camera for you without a deposit being paid, but if a 2 week rental comes up and wants it for the same time, they will get the camera.  With a deposit, your dates are locked in.

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